Skin Cancer Evaluation. Simplified.

A handheld, point-and-click device to assist primary care providers in checking patients for skin cancer in seconds.

DermaSensor Device Left
DermaSensor Device Bottom

DermaSensor™ Features

The Future Standard of Skin Care

Provides an instant "Investigate Further" or "Monitor" result using DermaSensor's™ proprietary algorithm
Technology has a published sensitivity of 94% for detecting skin cancer1
Wireless, ergonomically designed and easy to hold
Always on, always ready when needed

Intuitively Designed, Easy to Use

An intuitive touch-screen interface guides user step by step through the lesion evaluation and the device works in a variety of positions by using the side buttons or hand-held touch-screen.

DermaSensor is NOT a camera nor a dermatoscope.

DermaSensor uses pulses of light and spectroscopy to non-invasively assess lesions’ cellular and sub-cellular characteristics.

Non-Invasive, Micron-Level Precision

  • Light-emitting tip gently and painlessly touches the surface of the skin to evaluate information below the skin surface
  • Tip’s precision optics capture cellular and sub-cellular pathological irregularities throughout a skin lesion as small as 2.5 mm

Always By Your Side

  • The handheld unit charges wirelessly in the desktop base
  • Secure wireless connectivity allows you to expand use with DermaSensor™ companion software and other applications
  • DermaSensor’s™ small size fits on any desk


1Rodriguez‐Diaz, Eladio & Manolakos, Danielle & Christman, Holly & Bonning, Michael & Geisse, John & A'Amar, Ousama & Leffell, David & Bigio, Irving. (2019). Optical Spectroscopy as a Method for Skin Cancer Risk Assessment. Photochemistry and Photobiology;


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