Skin Health

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How DermaSensor Will Work


DermaSensor is designing an affordable handheld sensor that will be able to evaluate skin for potential cancer in seconds. Results will be displayed instantly.


Elastic Scattering Spectroscopy technology, pioneered at Boston University and University College London, has been found to effectively differentiate cancerous skin and other tissue in several published clinical studies.


Cost-effective LED diodes, spectral sensors, and machine learning techniques will provide for a cutting-edge product that leverages state of the art components.

Machine Learning

Our device will use machine learning algorithms, a type of artificial intelligence, to more accurately assess potential skin cancer.

Whom DermaSensor Will Be For


Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) misdiagnose melanoma as often as 58% of the time. PCPs will be able to use DermaSensor to better assess skin lesions and whether patients need additional clinical care.

Retail Clinics

Retail clinic use has doubled in the last 5 years. Patients turn to retail clinics due to convenience, transparency of cost, and efficient service. Our device will allow patients to visit retail clinics with their skin lesion concerns and allow retail clinicians to efficiently evaluate lesions.


One person in the U.S. dies of melanoma every 52 minutes. Melanoma can occur in anyone regardless of age, gender or race. Our device is being designed to enable patients to better assess themselves and their family for potential skin cancer.

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